Who We Are

About us

Lynk Courier was born in 2017 as an idea of bringing on-demand, cost effective and consistent deliveries for businesses, delivery companies and personal users. Currently operating in Dublin, Lynk Courier realised there was an opportunity for a new on-demand service to enter the delivery market.

Lynk Courier was formed by partner company Lynk Taxis. Lynk Taxis realised that sending parcels in a taxi was too expensive and sending by courier wasn’t quick enough. There was an opportunity to start sending parcels with self-employed drivers at a lower cost.


In this day and age, people want instant! No waiting for the next day or throwing your item into a van with a bunch of other deliveries. Lynk Courier approach is to deliver parcels from A-B at a lower cost and a faster speed than your traditional courier company. This makes us the number one choice for right away deliveries for local businesses, large offices or personal users.


Throughout our development, we’ve now start working with some of the largest logistic companies in Ireland, providing these companies with extra resources to meet the growing demand in online shopping. Lynk Courier now has a team of over 300 registered courier drivers who work with various different delivery sites managing overflow and delivering parcels on time.


Lynk Courier Drivers

Without our team of drivers, Lynk Couriers just wouldn’t be possible. They are the face of our business, helping all our customers get anything they want delivered at the touch of a button.

Lynk Courier drivers are self-employed and use their own vehicles to make deliveries. One of the best things about being a Lynk Courier is that you can plan your day around your lifestyle. You can pop home to collect the kids from school, meet your friends for lunch or spend some time studying.

As a driver you can start your day wherever you like, the only thing you need to do is turn your app on. The app will send you bookings that are closest to you or one of our dispatchers will ask you to travel to a booking. For on-demand bookings we aim to have a delivery driver with the customer within 30mins.


There’s no limit to the amount of deliveries you can make. The busier we get, the busier you can be and the more money you will be able to make. Unlike traditional courier companies you will not be paid per hour/week, you will be paid per delivery.

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