What We Do

What we do

Lynk Courier is dedicated to providing customers with only the best on-demand or scheduled courier service in Dublin. Our Dublin courier service is not only reliable but it also delivers the fastest and most cost effective option to our customers. Our growing courier network means that we will always have a driver nearby. We want to provide your business with a seamless experience whether you’re booking online or by phone.


We work closely with local businesses such as florists, printers, food spots, cafes and more. Any business that needs a courier for that last mile delivery, we can help. To get started, please register at https://book.lynk.ie/create-account?corporate=1&delivery=1

Once registered, you will be able to start booking couriers by requesting one online. Just start at the top of the booking and work your way down filling in all the relevant details of the delivery.

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How does it work?

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Our pricing starts from only €4.99 for local deliveries up to 3km and then €1 per km after that. You can also add multi-drop deliveries which can be added for an extra €1 per drop. To get a quote, open the Lynk Courier booking platform.

Add your exact pick up and drop off location – the price for that booking will be shown on the right hand side.


Choose a time that suits you and your customer. You can order a courier for right away (within 60mins) or you can schedule a driver for a particular time.

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