Lynk Delivers

Ireland’s leading parcel delivery and courier services provider

  • Fast:We will collect your package on demand usually within 20 minutes
  • On demand:Our drivers and customer care team are available 24/7/365!
  • You in control:You decide when to have your package delivered and to where 24/7
  • Low Prices:Our prices are hard to beat by any other competitor in the market!
  • Experience:We have over 25 years of experience in the transport industry in Dublin

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Set your collection address & drop off location and get a quick price before your book.


Once happy with our low cost price you can order a collection for right away or set a scheduled date/time.


One of our fully trained delivery drivers will collect your item and deliver it.


There are 2 ways to make a booking. You can book online using the Lynk Booker or call 01 471 5313. Once you have set your pick-up and drop off you will be given an exact price from A-B!


Book a delivery for right way or set a scheduled time that your driver will arrive. With On-Demand deliveries we aim to pick up your item within 30mins at no added premium. Have access to 200+ couriers at your fingertips!


Track your driver on the map and watch him deliver. View your complete booking history including costs & routes in which your drivers went. Have the option to download into excel or csv files!

We deliver everything:

Documents Post Run Contracts Corporate Gifts Letters/Parcels Stock between Stores The list goes on…

For SME’s

Offer Deliveries to Local Customers

Expand your business and offer a new service to customers. Offer store to door deliveries that your customers will love.

For Personal

Too busy? Deliver it.

Just let us know where & we’ll be there! Send or let us collect anything for you by using our Lynk Booker.